The Laboratory offers to the students of AUTH a number of courses, laboratory exercises and seminars at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The teaching of courses is supplemented by the supervision of dissertations prepared by the students during the last stages of their studies.

The basic scientific areas covered by the educational activity of the Laboratory include:

Analysis Methods, Techniques and Tools

  • Transportation and traffic engineering
  • Traffic and parking management
  • Transport demand models
  • Applications of new technologies in transport
  • Accident analysis

Planning and Organisation of Transport Systems

  • Transport policy and strategic planning at the urban and interurban level
  • Public Transport
  • Organisation and operation of freight and passenger transport (rail, air and sea)
  • Road safety
  • Transport economics

Impact assessment of transport infrastructure

  • Spatial and environmental impact assessment of transport infrastructure
  • Evaluation of investments in transport infrastructure

All courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate (which can be found in the corresponding study guides) are supplemented by a number of educational manuscripts, books and notes, produced by the Laboratory.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Transportation Engineering (Obligatory Course, 4th Semester)
  • Transportation Planning (Obligatory Course, 7th Semester)
  • Traffic Control (Elective Course, 8th Semester)
  • Transport Systems (Elective Course, 8th Semester)
  • Airport Planning and Construction (Elective Course, 8th Semester)
  • Public Transportation (Elective Course, 9th Semester)
  • Road Safety (Elective Course, 9th Semester)
  • Transport Economics (Elective Course, 10th Semester)

Postgraduate Courses

Courses taught in the postgraduate programme "Planning, Organisation and Management of Transport Systems"

  • Transport policies (Obligatory Course, 1st Semester)
  • Organisation and management of freight transport (Obligatory Course, 1st Semester)
  • Organisation and management of traffic and parking systems (Obligatory Course, 2nd Semester)
  • Elements of transport economics – Evaluation of transport projects and transport systems (Obligatory Course, 2nd Semester)
  • Transport safety and environmental impacts (Elective Course, 2nd Semester)
  • Application of Information Technology in the field of transport (Elective Course, 2nd Semester)
  • Organisation and management of air transport and airports (Elective Course, 2nd Semester)
  • Organisation and management of maritime transport (Elective Course, 2nd Semester)