The Transport Engineering Laboratory has proven expertise in various subjects in the field of Transport and specifically in:

  • Feasibility studies and investment appraisal
  • Traffic surveys
  • Road safety
  • Spatial and environmental impacts of Transport
  • Public Transport (urban and Interurban)
  • Applications of telematics and new technologies in transport
  • Freight transport systems surveys

During the three decades of its operation, the Laboratory implemented a large number of research projects on critical topics funded by the Greek Government, the European Union and other public and private organisations. These research activities were under the direct responsibility of the Laboratory and the regulatory framework of the Research Committee of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Some indicative projects categorised by thematic field are given below.

Investigation of Transport infrastructure feasibility

  • Feasibility of rail axes 9 and 10 (OSE 1997-2001)
  • Database creation of port infrastructure in the Eastern Mediterranean (TRCEM, 1988)
  • Transportation infrastructure and regional development of Prespa region (EU/DG XVI, 1984)
  • Preliminary feasibility study of the Igoumenitsa – Volos axis in the framework of a Greek – Italian Master plan for the creation of a new Europe – Middle East corridor (Ministry of the Environment, 1983)
  • Feasibility of the construction of Rion-Antirion bridge (EU/DG VII, 1983)
  • Investigation of the needs for transportation infrastructure after the Greek accession to the EEC (EU/DG VII ,1980-82)

Public Transport and Parking

  • Parking Master Plan for the city of Thessaloniki, (ORTH, 1996)
  • O-D survey in the Greater Area of Thessaloniki (ORTH, 1989)
  • Feasibility study for the implementation of a mass transit system on fixed track in the city of Thessaloniki (ORTH, 1988)
  • Operating standards for public urban transport (EETAA, 1987)
  • Restructuring bus routes in Thessaloniki area (TCG / SCM, 1985)

New Technologies in Transport

  • Public Transport: Routing and DRT systems (EU/DG XIII, 1990-94, INTERREG IIIC, 2006)
  • Driver training systems (EU, 2002)
  • Automatic debiting and electronic payment for transport (EU/DG XIII, 1994)
  • Motorway Traffic Flow Monitoring and Control (EU/DG III, 1990)

Spatial and Environmental Impacts - Road safety

  • Spatial Impacts of Multimodal Transport Corridor Development in gateway areas: Italy – Greece – Turkey IGT (INTERREG IIIB, 2006)
  • Intermodal Freight Transport and the Environment (EU/DG RTD, 2004)
  • Observatory of Spatial Impacts from the construction and Operation of Egnatia Motorway (Egnatia SA, 2001-2003)
  • Developing Urban Management and Safety (EU/DG VII, 1998)